Who We Are

Maps Global Research and Development Pvt. Ltd. is headquartered in Delhi, India. We offer a Wide range of services to suit various customers because we understand everyone is unique, and every problem is different. We are a progressive leader in software technology which provides you the ultimate solution.

Maps Global have excellent VOIP and other communication facilities to always keep in touch with our overseas customers. MGRD is quite sensitive about the security of our customer information as well as our employees. So, we have 24X7 security of our premises to which the access is restricted by the use of access cards.

From pre-sales to after-sale support process, we make sure products and services meet or surpass the expectations of the customers. All of our team members realize that the needs and demands of our customers must be fulfilled for them to spread a positive word of mouth.

We provide many ways for our clients to give us feedback to improve existing functionality and operations, and to add enhancements that really matter. We encourage dialogue and exchange of ideas between our clients and our management team and implementation team. Perhaps this is why we get all those awards.

Maps Global Research and Development Pvt. Ltd. is under process of getting STPI certification for our facilities.